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Show evolution on March 14th, 2022.

transparent background
show seed/mint number
show time
do not clear canvas for new seed

background color

evolution video recording ▼


Enter any number or text in the box above to generate a beast! If a number from 1 to 999 prepended by a #-character is entered, the original Rorschach Algorithm Beast with this mint number is drawn.


The history will show the last few beasts you created and allows you to go back. It is currently not saved and cleared when you leave the page. Be sure to remember the inputs if you want to save your beast.


  • v0.5 2022-11-19: updates to seed logic for numbers, option to use ?seed to directly start with a seed
  • v0.4 2022-10-21: background colors, history, select species for RNG, download button
  • v0.3 2022-05-07: evolution video recording (webm), improve mobile compatibility
  • v0.2 2022-04-30: text-based seeds, transparent background, overlaying beasts
  • v0.1 2022-04-29: initial release

The following features will be added later:

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