Rorschach Algorithm Beasts
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999 beasts - 22 ADA per beast
A collection of 999 hand-selected procedurally generated creatures. Creepy or cute, a frog, a bee or Cthulhu, Rorschach Algorithm Beasts come in various unique shapes. What do you see?
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new feature added in April 2022
Beast Creator tool: create your own beasts from a number or text based seed and explore the almost infinite possibilities or enter # + the mint number to check how your original beasts will evolve.

Rorschach Algorithm Beasts
Rorschach Algorithm Beasts Evolution
Rorschach Algorithm Beasts Evolution
Rorschach Algorithm Beasts Evolution
Collection details
Rorschach Algorithm Beasts Evolution
The Beasts
There are 10 different species with different appearance. Each beast has a unique name (will be revealed later), 4 combat attributes and (hidden, but not secret) seed values. There are several secrets as well, if you discover them, keep quiet, until the time has come and the right question is asked! ;)

Rorschach Algorithm Beasts collection
A detailed table can be found here. More detailed information on the species and attributes will follow!
Rorschach Algorithm Beasts
Rorschach Algorithm Beasts Evolution
Your NFT will constantly evolve in a continous process - and forever, it will never look exactly the same. The evolution changes the visual appearance, it does not change the species or stats (HP, ATK, DEF, SPD). See Twitter for fast-forward animations of evolutions!

Rorschach Algorithm Beasts CNFTs evolve! 1 second in the video below corresponds to 42 days, it will evolve forever! drop on March 14th#rorschachalgorithmbeasts #CNFT #evolvingNFTs #NFTartist #nftart

— nullHashPixel - Rorschach Algorithm Beasts (@nullHashPixel) March 8, 2022
Rorschach Algorithm Beasts Evolution
While the IPFS preview image resolution needs to be limited to not have too large file sizes and loading times, for on-chain NFTs like this there is no such limit on resolution. You can render your image on demand with up to 16384x16384 pixels, enough for all practical purpose, and this is not a hard limit, but just a recommendation for current web browsers. Future computers and browsers might support even higher resolutions. Want to draw them with a plotter? Sure, no problem, since you have the whole code stored on the blockchain, all you need to do is a little hacking to have vector instead of rasterized graphics. See the example of #620 below, the right image is a 1:1 crop of 16384x16384 pixels. More examples: high-res examples
Rorschach Algorithm Beasts Evolution High Resolution

Posted some zooms and some evolution animation of Rorschach Algorithm Beasts before, this is now a zoomed in evolution!#CNFT #cnftproject #generativeart

— nullHashPixel - Rorschach Algorithm Beasts (@nullHashPixel) March 9, 2022
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